Our C206 Aircraft

The Cessna 206 is a true workhorse and probably the most successful bush plane in East Africa, coupling reliable performance with passenger comfort. It has a surprising capacity – be it luggage, cargo or up to five passengers, and makes light work of heavy loads on all kinds of landing strips.

Its huge cargo doors can be removed for airborne work which make it THE plane for filming, surveying and small scale cargo operations. Its voluminous cabin is highly configurable, and can be easily transformed from a six-seater into a cargo-intensive hauler or to something in between.

Whether you’re taking your family on safari, carrying commuters across the country, hauling fish from the coast, or saving lives in the desert, the Cessna 206 is a tough and agile aircraft that is undaunted by short, rough or remote airstrips. The C206 has the attitude of “go anywhere, carry everything”.

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