Our Background

East African Air Charters is one of the longest established air charter companies in East Africa. We have been around since the 1970’s – a record in this volatile industry!

The Company was originally founded primarily as a maintenance and repair operation by Mike Seton, who moved from cars to aircraft in the swinging 70s when aircraft ownership in East Africa was transitioning from being the domain of the elite, to a practical widespread mode of transporting people and supplies around the newly independent region.

Some of the maintenance clients then are still clients (and friends) now, and many of the aircraft Mike worked on then are still flying now! There’s very little about a piston engine or a small aircraft that he hasn’t rebuilt or repaired at sometime or other. And it is this long hands-on experience that makes our Engineering department so capable.

East African Air Charters has always been a family business – family owned, family operated and family run. Mike is still in charge of the engineering side of the business while his son, David is responsible for all the aircraft charters and clients, keeping a keen eye on all aspects of the day-to-day operations of the Company.

OUR POLICY: We’ve watched dozens of other companies come, setup and then vanish because of a short-sighted policy of cut-throat and cost-cutting policies. This is not a business ethic we want to follow, and we prefer to give our clients a safe, professional service. We try to give value for money, and we won’t cut corners on the maintenance or the safety of the aircraft charters.