Our History

Mike Seton founded East African Air Charters in the 1970’s as primarily a maintenance and repair company catering to the boom of privately owned aircraft in East Africa. Then, as now, small bush aircraft were often the only practical means of covering some of the huge distances involved where roads were poor. Mike’s remarkable knowledge of light aircraft and Cessna aircraft in particular was invaluable in helping to keep these aircraft flying safely. As the business increased, and after Mike’s son David had qualified as a commercial pilot, the company diversified into aircraft charter as well.

East African Air Charters still has its two main core operations running alongside each other – Mike overseeing the maintenance department, and David responsible for the flight operations.

Both of them have a similar style of hands-on management and are involved day-to-day with every aspect of their particular areas of operations, and the company in general. Between Mike’s long practical history and David’s passion for all things aviation and technical, there is little that happens in the Company that escapes their notice or involvement.