Our Business Jet

Our Citation Bravo Business Jet is plush and luxurious, and has exceptional sound proofing, air-conditioning and carpets throughout. Sit back enjoy one of the Bravo’s beautifully crafted seats, which feel as good as they look. With these comfortable swivel chairs, the Bravo affords you unprecedented freedom of motion to stretch out, recline or track to the aisle for more elbow room. There is an open, spacious feel to the cabin, generous headroom and a light refreshment bar.

The Bravo flies so efficiently, its operating costs are typically lower than the much slower, lower flying turboprops. Powered by Pratt and Whitney PW530A jet engines delivering a phenomenal combination of thrust and fuel efficiency, the Bravo offers that rarest of win-win outcomes; more speed on less fuel. The Bravo cruises at up to 463 MPH – that’s 110 MPH faster than a competing turboprop. The Bravo flies higher too – nearly 2 miles higher than turboprops – and climbs directly to 43,000 feet in 32 minutes. This aircraft carries 7 passengers, flies 2,000 miles non-stop and is well suited for easy access to small runways.

The Bravo’s two external baggage areas provide an ample 46 cubic feet of storage – in addition to the 27 cubic foot internal aft cabin compartment and the wide and low entryway stairs makes passenger boarding easier and more secure.

Drawing on a rich legacy of Citation Jet successes the Bravo builds on a well-established platform. Utilizing practical, straight forward systems that, over the years, have been refined to an unparalleled level of reliability and a safety of flight record unmatched by any other business jet.