Our Twin Caravans

The Reims 406, a twin-engine turboprop powered by two ultra-dependable PT6A turbines. This is the aircraft to use if there is an exceptionally long distance, extreme time pressure, an unusual route involving extended flight over water or at night, or an especially particular client. If you want to go somewhere in a hurry and in comfort, there is no better aircraft. Its high speed enables it to cover tremendous distances while its exceptionally high performance enables it to deal with short airstrips with ease.

It has the same cargo & passenger capacity as a standard Caravan, carrying up to 13 passengers, or 8 VIP’s in reclining armchairs using the luxury seating configuration. The square-shaped cabin cross section opens up shoulder and head room and, coupled with the aircraft’s large windows; it’s one of the most airy passenger cabins to be found in any twin engine aircraft today.

The Reims 406 was designed to be truly multi-functional, and can quickly be converted from a passenger aircraft, to a corporate turboprop or a cargo carrier. Cargo doors open to a massive 4 feet square for loading large items and the under fuselage cargo pod, front and wing compartments provide an additional 92 cubic feet of useful storage space.

The twin turboprop C406 is a real gem combining speed, range, performance, bush capability and economy all in one aircraft.